How to fix laptop battery not charging, charging problem with Dell Computer

keilling post on November 12th, 2012
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For the past five years using laptops for the day to day. The intensive use of more than eight hours a day on average. And therefore they last very little.

I have in the garage a lot of old laptops stacked. I tried Toshiba, Acer, HP and Dell number.

The last one I have now is a Dell Vostro 1710. It is the longest I’ve lasted so far. I guess that is increasingly made best laptops.

The problem:

However from the year of use, the battery left me lying. The battery stopped charging, load kept a few days worked well, until the battery is completely exhausted.

I could use the laptop because it works plugged into the charger, battery (you can even remove it completely).

This led me to assume incorrectly-in solution, which will explain why the battery has been damaged. It is usually the case, the batteries will eventually wear out and stop working.

It could not be otherwise, the PC worked fine, the charger also … the battery. Ergo battery failure. I bought a new battery.
The solution:

The problem is NOT in the battery, is in the charger connector. It is possible that a battery is spent, it can happen, but I know that Dell charger (large connector) is likely to fail in strange ways.

The ruling is a rarity of this charger. It has three contacts instead of the usual two. Inside the connector has a small rigid thin thread that makes the extra connection. Used to test the charger and ensure it will work with the proper tension.

This slim elongated connector is extremely thin and easily damaged my experience (and some more online). And if it breaks down, the laptop denied the ability to charge the battery.

The solution is simple, buy another charger. Some dare to add small copper wires to force contact.

The funny thing is that everything points to the battery and yet is not the source of the problem.

Every cloud has a silver lining, now I have two batteries.

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